Breakfast Katies Amish Kitchen

Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Is Served Monday-Saturday from 6:30-11:00am

Breakfast Platters

#1 Two Eggs
Served with homemade toast $3.25 (Add an egg for $0.50)

#2 Two Eggs
Served with homefries and homemade toast $4.65 (Add an egg for $0.50)

#3 Two Eggs
Served with homemade toast, homefries, and a choice of meat $6.75 (Add an egg for $0.50)

#4 Dutchman Special
Creamed beef over homemade toast with homefries $6.75 Half Order $5.75

#5 Sausage Gravy Platter
Sausage gravy over homefries with homemade toast $6.75 Half Order $5.75

#6 Breakfast Haystack
Stacked in the following order: english muffin, crumbled bacon, fried potatoes, grilled onions and peppers, sausage gravy, eggs, and cheese sauce $7.95

#7 Mom's Special
Baked oatmeal served warm with milk on the side $4.75
(with apples and raisins $5.75) Half Order $4.25

#8 Farmer's Special
Stewed crackers (saltine crackers stewed in milk) served with homemade toast $4.75

#9 Egg-in-the-Nest Platter
Two pieces of homemade bread with and over medium egg in the center $4.95

#10 Dutch Scrambler
Eggs, scrapple, sauteed peppers, onions, and mushrooms scrambled together and serves with cheese on top. Served with homemade toast $7.95

Breakfast Wraps

Egg and Cheese Wrap $3.65
Add Scrapple, Bacon, Ham, Sausage or Steak $6.00

Country Skillet Breakfast Wrap
Sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, stewed tomatoes & melted cheese $6.95

Southwester Breakfast Wrap
Grilled chicken strips, sliced homefries, chunky salsa, eggs, bacon & melted cheddar cheese $6.95

Fresh from the Griddle

Add a side of meat to your pancakes for $2.35

One buttermilk pancake $2.25
Two buttermilk pancakes $3.95
Add blueberries or chocolate chips for $1.00

French Toast
Regular: $3.25 Baked: $4.25

Griddle Platters

Katie's Special
Baked french toast, choice of meat, and two eggs $7.95

Lyns Scramble
2 scrambled eggs, homefries, topped with stewed tomatoes $6.95

Amish Benedict
English muffin served with sausage gravy on top, two eggs, and swiss cheese $6.95

Steak and Eggs
Stacked in the following order: homefries, chipped steak, green peppers, onions,? 2 eggs scrambled with melted cheese $6.95

Fried Cornmeal Mush
Served with two eggs and homemade toast $5.95

Ham and Eggs Platter
Two eggs scrambled, chipped ham, green peppers and onions, with melted swiss. Served on homefries $6.95

Breakfast for the Little Ones

Ages 10 and under. Drink included (no refills). Add bacon or sausage for $1.00

#1 One Egg with Toast $2.65

#2 One Pancake or French Toast $2.65

#3 Egg-in-Nest
One piece of homemade bread with an over medium egg in the center $2.75

Farm Fresh Omelets

All omelets are made with three eggs and served with homemade toast.
Add a side of meat for $2.35 or add homefries for $1.65. Egg whites $1.50 extra.

Southern Omelet
Cheese omelet topped with creamed beef or sausage gravy - $6.95

Western Omelet
Ham, cheese, onion, peppers, and mushrooms $6.95

Veggie Omelet
Peppers, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, and cheese $5.65

Meat Lovers Omelet
Sausage, ham, bacon, and cheddar cheese $6.95

Country Omelet
Sausage, homefries, green peppers or mushrooms and cheese $6.95

Tomato & Swiss Omelet $5.50

Fajita Omelet
Grilled steak, salsa, peppers, onions, cheddar cheese $6.95

Cheese Omelet
Choice of: American, Provolone, cheddar, or swiss $4.50

Breakfast Sandwiches

Choice of bread: white, wheat, rye, cinnamon raisin, or kaiser roll

Egg and Cheese Sandwich $3.65
add steak, bacon, ham, scrapple or sausage $6.00

Breakfast Sub
3 scrambled eggs, mixed cheese, bacon, green peppers, onions & mayo
on a 9” hoagie $6.95

Fried Egg Sandwich
2 eggs (medium or well done) your choice of meat, your choice of cheese
(american, provolone, cheddar, swiss) on homemade toast $5.95

Bagel Sandwich
Your choice of meat eggs and cheese $5.95


Homefries $1.65
Stewed Crackers (optional browned butter) $3.95
Baked French Toast $4.25
Stewed Tomatoes $2.50

Homemade Toast: White, wheat, rye, cinnamon raisin. Served with homemade strawberry jam $1.65
English muffin or bagel $1.95
Yogurt Parfait $4.25
Fruit Cup $2.65

Just Eggs any style
One Egg $1.50
Two Eggs $2.25
Three Eggs $2.75

$2.35 each
Sausage, scrapple, ham, cornmeal mush, bacon, a cup of cream beef or sausage gravy

Sweets and Such

Shoofly Pie
Freshly baked and served warm or cold $2.65

Tapioca $2.65

Applesauce $2.50

Grilled Sticky Bun $3.25

Apple Goodie $3.50

Fruit Cup $2.65

Pints of Homemade Peanut Butter or Jelly – 7.25


Country Style Lemonade, Florida Squeezed 100% Orange Juice
Small: $1.95 Large: $2.95 (no refills)

white or chocolate
$1.65 (refill $0.50)

Coffee $1.50 (free refills)

Apple juice, unsweetened pineapple juice, hot tea $1.65

Hot chocolate (with whipped cream) $1.95